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Municipal Concrete In Waterford, MI

Concrete forms the backbone of our modern civilization, keeping us connected and helping us travel from place to place. It's what makes our cities and towns great places to live. That's why our Ready Mix municipal concrete is here—to help you create roads, curbs, patch programs, and city sidewalk installation programs that will make your community a better place to live.

Van Horn Concrete is committed to providing you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to complete any job. We work with municipalities across the metro Detroit area to provide high-quality concrete services that meet their needs. Our concrete is designed to mix easily for an efficient pour while delivering superior strength and finish. We have over 100 years of experience in this industry, so we know what our customers need from us. Our knowledge and expertise will ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish, no matter how big or small.

We Pour It Right

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Van Horn Concrete is the one-stop shop for all of your municipal concrete needs. We specialize in working with municipalities to complete any job, from patch programs and city sidewalk installation programs to roads, curbs, and more. Our expertise helps us complete any job on time and within budget.

Our goal is simple: create the best possible product for our customers—and provide an efficient mix design that meets strength requirements without sacrificing quality or durability. Our superior finish sets us apart from other companies in the area—we know that it's not just about creating something beautiful but something that lasts forever.


When Is Curb And Gutter Repair Required?
Concrete is an excellent material for curb and gutter repair because it's durable and easy to install. The trick is knowing when you need to replace it. Curb and gutter repair is required when there are defects that interfere with the safe and reasonable use by pedestrians and bicyclists, such as vertical or horizontal separations of more than one-half inch or broken sections adjacent to a marginal walk or driveway approach.
When Is Concrete Repair Needed?

If you notice a vertical separation in your sidewalk or concrete parkway strip, it is essential to repair it immediately. Vertical splits more significant than a one-half inch may be hazardous to pedestrians and vehicles and cause damage to the surrounding property.

In addition, when a ramping or depression occurs within eight inches of vertical separation in conjunction with a split or opening in a break or construction joint of 3/8 inch or more (Americans with Disabilities Act Standard), it is necessary to repair the concrete.

Why Do Concrete Surfaces Flake And Spall?

When concrete is exposed to freezing and thawing conditions, it can begin to flake or spall. This cracking and deterioration of the concrete can also occur from frost heaving. Frost heave occurs because of the difference in temperature between the warm interior of a building and the cold exterior during the winter months. If there is no air-entraining agent mixed into the concrete, or if there is too much water in the mix, the surface will be more susceptible to heaving damage because it cannot withstand these temperature fluctuations.